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Merlin - Lancelot and Guinevere

So this week sees the return of Lancelot as played by Santiago Cabera. Not brilliant if I'm being honest. Way to angsty for my tastes.


So Morgana and Gwen are going to visit Morgana's fathers grave (Gorlors perhaps). I think we know what is making Arthur sad.

Ha Bandits/Apparently the Knights of Camelot can't defeat bandits/ Hostage situatiton. Perfect/ Morgana is in angry princess mode/ The lead bandit is amusing.

Morgana's fighiting again/ Gwen's quite self-sacrificing isn't she?/ A ransom note. How original/ Arthur's first question is about Gwen. How sweet/ He always uses her full name you noticed that?/ Uther is very callous today/ Nice Castle. Very bandity.

So Hengist sounds northen. No conincedence really. And he has a throne made of bones. Awsome/ Gwen's good at this lady stuff/ Morgan is very emotional and ranty / Arthur is going after Gwen. But why? I bet he isn't telling Morgana the truth/ Gaius rocks/  Why does the Prince have to sneak out?/ Bit of Arthur/Merlin tension/ Gladiators awsome. And Lancelot. What's he doing there?/ Lance is merciful. Good for him.

Lance didn't give the game away good/ Giant rat thing seems to be angry / Lance is a prize fighter and seems to have lost hope/ Romantic Gwen/Lance moment.

Hengist is annoyed at the lack of ransom/ Arthur is planning to go through the tunnel of giant man eating rats/ Using berries to disguise their scent/ More angsty Gwen/Lance moments. Gwen appears to have forgotten her feelings for Arthur/ Arthur apparently hasn't forgotten his feelings for Gwen/ Arthur & Merlin friendship scene/ How often does Arthur say "Shut up Merlin"/ Hengist has figured it out.

So the bandit has been eaten and Gwen and Lance have escaped/ NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING. YOU CAN'T DO THAT YOU LOVE ARTHUR/ Why are the guards wearing masks?/ So Lance is still alive/ Arthur and Merlin are trying to break in/ Shut up Lance/ So Gwen got recaptured. Clearly she has a problem following instructions/ Scaling the walls again/ Great distraction Arthur. Not very fair on Merlin though/ SHUT UP LANCE.

Now Arthur that's just showing off/ Ooh Arthur isn't going to take this well/ Nicely done Merlin / Ooh Macho-Arthur/ Since when does Lance know Merlin's secret?/ Stupid Angsty looks, Arthur's sad now/ This is awkward/ Arthur you liar. Gwen knows the real reason/ Lance is smart and self-sacrificing but way way too angsty/ Gwen no. Don't cry / Ha Merlin has to walk / Has Morgana not changed her dress in a week? / Great angsty Lance and now angsty Arthur.

Next time we get a troll. But no for two weeks.

So yeah not a brilliant episode though Angel and Santiago tried their hardest. The next episode looks better though. More fun.




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Oct. 10th, 2009 06:37 pm (UTC)
Didn't miss much then.

*is busy*
Oct. 10th, 2009 06:39 pm (UTC)
*will cease any further form of communication until told otherwise*
Oct. 10th, 2009 06:55 pm (UTC)

Entry up. I am in hysterics.
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